Understanding the Aftermath of a Provincial Election

Following the 2017 provincial election in BC, I wrote a number of widely circulated posts explaining how our constitution deals with a result where no party wins a majority of seats. At the time, I noted that the media often get crucially important facts about the constitution wrong. Unfortunately, the media in New Brunswick appear to be poised to make all the same mistakes. Because many people in BC found these posts helpful after the election, and the upcoming New Brunswick election may also yield a hung parliament, I’ve collected everything here for easy reference. Note that some of the relevant details may be different in New Brunswick—for example, the rules around special warrants (discussed in the fifth post) may not be the same.

1. No, the Liberals didn’t win a minority government
2. BC election aftermath: Politics and the constitution
3. Why the lieutenant governor cannot immediately call a new election
4. Don’t fear the Speaker: why the Milliken Gambit won’t work
5. How long could Clark stay in power… in the Twilight Zone?