Stay frosty


Ken Knabb, an American writer best known for his translations of the French situationists, has a good post-election message up on his website. There are parts I disagree with; for example, I don’t think we can be so sure that Sanders would have beaten Trump, let alone by a landslide, and I think this is a great time for progressives to get involved in partisan activity. But I appreciate the determined clarity and optimism of the message, and this is some good advice for fellow social media fiends and news junkies:

New movements of protest and resistance will develop during the coming weeks and months, responding to this bizarre and still very unpredictable new situation. At this point it’s hard to say what forms such movements will take, except to note that just about everyone seems to recognize that our number-one priority will be defending blacks, Latinos, Muslims, LGBTQs, and others most directly threatened by the new regime.

But we will also need to defend ourselves. The first step in resisting this regime is to avoid getting too caught up with it — obsessively following the latest news about it and impulsively reacting to each new outrage. That kind of compulsive media consumption was part of what led to this situation in the first place. Let’s treat this clown show with the contempt it deserves and not forget the fundamental things that still apply — picking our battles, but also continuing to nourish the personal relations and creative activities that make life worthwhile in the first place. Otherwise, what will we be defending?

Note to self: Don’t be a Hudson.

Be a Hicks.




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