Back to work


After an unplanned hiatus due to other commitments, I’m back to writing for this blog and I’ll have some new stuff up soon. Expect more short posts in addition to some longer pieces.

Early in the week I hope to finish a fairly lengthy followup to my earlier post on the ethics of voting. Having identified a few problems with consequentialist and deontological explanations of why it would be wrong to vote for a bad candidate, I’d promised that the next post in the series would look at how contractualist and virtue ethical approaches might be applied to the issue. This turned out to be a bigger can of worms than I expected, so I decided to devote a whole post just to contractualist approaches, including a bit of a primer on contractualism. A future post will be dedicated to virtue ethical and virtue theoretic approaches.

Before the hiatus began, I’d also written a followup to my post on the misguided constitutional reform proposed by Citizens for a Canadian Republic, which I intend to brush up a bit and post towards the end of the week. I argue that republicans would do better to pursue more moderate constitutional reforms that are desirable from a republican perspective and would be required if Canada were to become a republic, but do not actually require Canada to become a republic.


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